Selecting A Charity Auction Theme

charity auction themes

Organizing an auction may not be an easy task but if you put your mind to it, it will not be an impossible one. First, it is important to consider the location or organization the auction will take place in. the budget should give you the limits of what can be done and what is on the higher side. Besides this, the personalities of the expected guests and you as the organizer should come into play when selecting charity auction themes.

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Some Helpful Charity Auction Tips


Charity auctions are events where commodities are sold to the highest bidder in order to raise funds for some benevolent cause. This can take various structural forms. Most charitable organizations prefer to use a silent auction paired with a dinner. It could also be a public event where anyone is allowed to bid for an item.

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Charity Fundraising Ideas That Work


Just as you are interested in finding different ways to raise cash, most charities are thinking the same way.

The good news is that raising money for your favorite charity can be fun and entertaining. It will make you feel so good to provide your chosen charity with the vital support it needs to survive. There are many ideas for raising money for a good cause.

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How to raise funds using facial creams

It might be a funny title for this post, but bear with me. This is one of my favorite fundraising methods. If you want to raise money for a good cause, the best way to do it, is go where the money actually is. A great place to look is your local country club or golf club. In most cities, those private members only clubs will have a group of well to do women aged between 50 and 60. This is our target audience for this particular fundraising method. It certainly works with a wider female audience as well, but from our experience, this particular segment will raise the most money.

The first step with this method is to approach the group and see whether they would be open to supporting your charity. If they are supportive, then you can go into further details and propose this exact method to them. Again, when we have done this, we’ve seen very good results and have generally found people incredibly helpful. The key is to pick your target audience like we did above to make it easier to convince people. Otherwise you end up wasting time with people that are not interested in helping anyway.

The second step is to find a corporate sponsor to hold the event. We tend to use either a cosmetics company or a cosmetic surgeon. Last time we actually used a website which publicised anti wrinkle cream reviews online, which worked very well as they were looking for publicity.

The way this method works is to hold a competition between this group of women. The rules of the competition are flexible. We’ve tried a best cake baking competition and a best fancy dress competition for a ball. However what helped us raise the most funds was actually testing out a particular product, which in this case was a cosmetic anti wrinkle cream. All participants would need to pay an entrance fee which would go to charity to test out this product. The products are given away for free by the corporate sponsor. The sponsor also needs to organise a prize attractive enough to warrant a high entry cost to the competition. When we used a cosmetic surgeon, the prize was a free Botox treatment for example. This is where your imagination comes in useful. They key criteria here is that it should be something people really want, and something of quite a lot of value.

When we used the online website, we asked all participants to conduct a LifeCell Anti Aging Cream review. This is a product which eliminates wrinkles, and the criteria to win the competition was that whoever had the best result using this product won. So we took a picture of everyone before the competition started and then compared this to a picture we took at the end. All in all, as odd as it sounds, everyone involved had a great time, especially those who actually lost some wrinkles!

It’s clearly not necessary to follow this method step by step. The main purpose of sharing this fundraising tip with you is to get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully you’ll have gotten some new ideas on how you can raise finds for your own charity.

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3 Fitness Fundraising Ideas for Gyms

I enjoy keeping fit by running, cycling and I also do CrossFit training on the weekends. During my last visit to my CrossFit Box (gym) I was speaking to the owner about how to raise money for a charity.
In the past they have attempted to raise money simply by asking the members of the box to donate, but this hasn’t always been popular or effective.

Over the years I have realized that raising money for charity is more than just asking people for donations — it’s more effective if everyone works as a group and everybody has the same goal.

Below are my top three fundraising ideas for gym/box owners

1. Sponsored Run 

A sponsored run is a good way to start the process, mainly because it’s simple and people like simplicity.
The most effective way is to follow this mini guide:

1. Set a date two months into the future for the run to take place.
2. Design a map with the route clearly marked out — if the event is for kids and adults, then consider the distance.
3. Make donation forms — set a minimum donation amount, $10 for example.
4. Make a poster with all the information people require such as date, start time, venue and also include the map.

One important aspect is to ensure 99 percent of the gym/box takes part. They will also need reminding to get sponsors on a weekly basis.
You can also open the run up to others that are not part of your gym/Box, as this will increase the amount of money raised and you may get new members for your business as a bonus.

2.Weightlifting Competition

At every gym I have ever attended there is always a weightlifting competition going on at some point. This is mainly men trying to out-do each other, however, this is a very good way to massage a few egos and raise a lot of money in the process.

The competition is relatively easy to set up. Just follow my guide:

Just like the sponsored run, you will need to set a date, time and venue (most likely your gym/Box). However on this occasion we are going to mix it up a little so the bigger the room the better as we will be targeting people who attend.

Every competitor will need to pay an entry fee of $25 for example, so 100 competitors would bring in $2,500. If you are going to do this every year it will be worth investing in a nice-looking trophy, and the bigger the better. You can find secondhand trophies on Ebay.

During the competition we are also going to run a raffle for the attending public.
Prizes: ask your suppliers and other businesses for prizes. Give away a one-year gym membership or 100 hours of personal training. You need to use your imagination at this point.

3. Auction Off Old Gym Equipment

Workout equipment (more info) has a limited lifespan, especially if it’s used frequently at the gym. I know a number of gyms that scrap or bin the used equipment and this is a shame, because they normally still have infrequent use left in them.

When it comes to auctions you have three decent options:

  1. On Ebay and Craigslist you can create a listing for a minimal cost. Then the buyer needs to come and collect.This also saves you money on paying a scrap company to take it away.
  2. If you have a large amount of equipment you could host an auction and sell as a “lot.” You will need to pay auction fees, but the process is quicker.
  3. Hold an in-house auction. If you have the space you could auction off the equipment in the gym. You will be surprised by how many people attend.

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Bat Conservation Charities And How You Can Help

When is the last time that you supported a cause that supports species OTHER than humans?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of charities that support various issues that we face as humans in North America, however we are quick to forget about the organisations that support the livelihood of the plants and animals that we share this world with.

One particular animal group that is being driven to extinction in the US is the ‘Chiropter’, otherwise know as the bat!

Long associated with the lore of Dracula and often misconstrued as blood sucking beasts, bats have an eerie connotation for most humans. This reputation is unfounded and human’s fear of bats has done severe damage to conservation efforts. With many species of bats on the verge of extinction today, humans’ bat phobia needs to change.

The Importance of Bats

Bats are hugely beneficial to the maintenance of earth’s ecosystem. Capable of consuming a million of insects and crop pests annually, the lack of bats in present day is having serious repercussions on crops in the United States and around the world. Never mind the money these bats would save the same farmers in pest control costs! Humans’ fear of bats – for rabies paranoia or bats’ Gothic connotations – is having a very bad impact on our future planet.

Conservation Efforts

Conservation charities and fundraisers geared towards the conservation of bats go a long way to help raise awareness about the benefits that bats provide to our environment. Predominantly non-profits and most advertised in farming communities, these organizations need help to survive. Bats need sufficient insect populations to continue to procreate and allow humans’ crops to flourish – in the same way conservation efforts require sufficient funds from donations and support.

North American Conservation Charities and Fundraisers

Bat Conservation Trusts exist in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland, and Bat Conservation International tends to the conservation of global populations of bats. Aside from using monetary donations to assist in the further research and conservation of bats, this fundraising also educates everyday folk on the importance of bat conservation. In communities like Ireland and England where bat flights for food are a common dusk occurrence, bats are understood to be beautiful and necessary.

Fundraising efforts in the United States work to propel this same understanding among humans.

Individuals Can Help Bats

Outside of just donating money however, individuals can help stem the destruction of bats cave homes and depletion of their food sources just by being respectful. The American homeowner can do their part too – if for some reason you find a bats in your home (e.g. bats in the attic, which is a very common hiding space for bats) DO NOT attempt to poison them; instead, call a certified bat removal expert. A bat is a living creature just like each of us – they are closer to humans and primates than they are to rodents.

Ongoing Conservation Efforts

Populations of bats will continue to be studied for as long as they are an endangered species. With luck and with input from humans, we can help stem the tide of bat extinction. “Bat Blitzes” are one effort towards conservation that scientists undertake in local bat populations. In these “Bat Blitzes” volunteers spend three nights collecting bats as they fly out to feed for the night. The data they are able to compile on these bats in three nights encompasses what could previously be accomplished in a whole season, and the more we know about bats’ needs, population sizes and changes therein, the more we can help.

It takes fundraising and human kindness to provide bat studies and assistance. The help bats provide to humans’ ability to harvest and consume healthy, plentiful crops must not be lost on us. We need bats – and now bats need us. Bat conservation charities and fundraisers are imperative to keep educating new generations of children on the importance of bats, so next time you are thinking of giving to a great cause, think of our little furry friends in the sky.

Here are 2 of the most trusted international bat conservation groups:

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