Selecting A Charity Auction Theme

charity auction themes

Organizing an auction may not be an easy task but if you put your mind to it, it will not be an impossible one. First, it is important to consider the location or organization the auction will take place in. the budget should give you the limits of what can be done and what is on the higher side. Besides this, the personalities of the expected guests and you as the organizer should come into play when selecting charity auction themes.

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Some Helpful Charity Auction Tips


Charity auctions are events where commodities are sold to the highest bidder in order to raise funds for some benevolent cause. This can take various structural forms. Most charitable organizations prefer to use a silent auction paired with a dinner. It could also be a public event where anyone is allowed to bid for an item.

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Charity Fundraising Ideas That Work


Just as you are interested in finding different ways to raise cash, most charities are thinking the same way.

The good news is that raising money for your favorite charity can be fun and entertaining. It will make you feel so good to provide your chosen charity with the vital support it needs to survive. There are many ideas for raising money for a good cause.

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Great Fundraising Ideas Involving Food

Are you tired of doing the same old bake sale for your fundraisers? Now, there are different tasty ways that you can make your fundraiser a success and enjoy good food at the same time!

Here are some cool culinary ideas to keep in mind when planning your next fundraiser:

Potluck Dinner
These dinners are simple enough to organize and easy on the volunteers since each person can contribute one dish. Potluck dinners bring back that old-fashioned approach to getting everyone together and sharing dishes without putting financial burden on the host. You can also bring your recipe in with your dish and give it to those who enjoyed your dish.

You can request donations by means of admission fees, or you can have people pay what they think the meal is worth. In our experience, people have paid more than we’d think to charge.

Potato Buffet Bar
Start tempting your guests with a buffet potato bar. All it takes is a bunch of baked potatoes and small fixings, like cheese, sour cream and bacon. Create a station consisting of potato carving tools and fixings. Then set up a contest to see which participants has the best dressed potato and offer prizes for the top winners. You can charge a fee per potato or for each admission.

BBQ Head-to-Head Grilling
Putting up a barbecue contest is one reason for firing up the grills and taking out your barbecue tools. You can grill just about anything you can think of: steaks, hot dogs, burgers, sausages, or chicken. You can even grill vegetables, corn-on-the-cob, or even skewer vegetable chunks.

Host a contest and get the guests to judge contest participants with best grilling skills. Set up different categories like “best grilled meats,” “best grilled vegetables,” or “best grilled sauces.” Gain funds via an entry fee or start charging hungry donors per plate.

Chili Creationg Contest
This fundraiser not only rakes in money, but it’s also the reason to interact and share cool chili recipes with each other. For this, chefs will have to pay for an admission fee. It’s essential to provide worthwhile prizes for each winner. Create various categories for each prize.

Leave chefs a bit of time to make their chili during the competition. Get more donations per bowl and even provide canned chili sauces for audience to raise more funds.

Blue Plate Bidding
This is a fun fundraiser with a bit of traditional twist. First, you’ll need pre-made meals which can be done by volunteers or trained chefs, or even culinary students. We have found students and other people that are interested in becoming a chef are everywhere, and love to hone their craft! The meals can be simple, unique, or adventurous. Each dish is thoroughly covered to hide its identity. Participants will be tasked to bid on the concealed meals.

Have food warmers ready to ensure that each meal remains hot until the start of the bidding. You can set your own bidding price tag for each dish. This may also depend on the cost it took to make each meal.

Sub Sale
You can raise funds by selling sub sandwiches near any sports event. It’s guaranteed to be a winner. Create a wide range of cold cuts ahead of time, such as roast beef, ham, turkey, or cheese. You can even ask food donations from your local deli shops or bakeries. For the toppings, don’t forget to include tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce, and different sauce varieties for customers to make their own subs. We have stopped putting sauces right on the sandwiches themselves, and started having packets of condiments for people to take if they like.

Chocolate Bar Charity
Selling candy bars is one great approach to making money for your cause. This is particularly true if it’s an office where employees crave for snacks in the middle of the afternoon. Most people have a weakness to chocolates and will find it difficult to say no. You can even get kids to do the work for you by selling them door-to-door. Having chocolate bars plus a sweet smile equates to plenty of money raised.

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Fundraisers for Team Sports

Whether we played them growing up or not, we can all agree that youth sports are a good thing for kids to partake in while growing up. Unfortunately, not every community and not every youth sports team has unlimited, or even adequate funding. But while that may seem like a bad thing, it does open the door for the team to run a fundraiser that can be beneficial for all parties involved. Here are some great ideas for what youth sports teams can do as a fundraiser.

The classic fundraiser is selling candy bars. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exactly promote a healthy lifestyle, but there’s no doubting that it can be an effective fundraiser. Kids can sell candy bars to their family, friends, and neighbors, and raise a great deal of money in a short period of time; after all, who in their right mind is going to turn down the chance to eat a candy bar and help a good cause at the same time? If you can incorporate a way that people can burn off a few calories after they buy the candy bar, that’d be even better, but if not, selling candy door-to-door makes for a fine fundraiser.

We have also been experimenting with a team tournament and have had success. Team tournaments can be great, and you can charge each group an entry fee for participating, and then give the winner a trophy or some other simple prize and use the proceeds (after event costs) to fund your cause. We worked with the team at Paintball Enthusiast to help us put together a tournament for that, and we’ve also done 3 v 3 basketball as well as a golf tournament.

Another possible idea is renting out the young athletes themselves. Members of the team can be rented out to do chores and odd jobs for various members of the community in exchange for making a donation to the team. If someone needs a lawn mowed or has been unwilling to clean out a garage or basement, they can simply hire one of the youngsters to help them out. Unlike the candy bar idea, there’s no overhead to pay, it’s just a matter of the kids giving up some of their time, which can help the team raise money in a hurry. Of course, in addition to raising funds for the team, doing something like this can also help teach the kids about hard work and instill a sense of community in them by having them help out their neighbors, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Holding an auction can be another fine idea to help raise money. All that’s necessary is convincing some of the local businesses to donate a product or service that others will want to bid on. To help tie it in with the team, you can hold the auction before, during, or after one of their games, so people understand that by making a bid they’re helping the team. You can actually incorporate the rent-a-kid idea into the auction, by auctioning off a kid’s time and help to the highest bidder, as this will keep the kids engaged in the fundraiser and make them feel like they are a part of everything.

Finally, if all else fails, try putting on a show. It can be a good old-fashioned talent show, or a battle of the bands, or anything that’s going to get butts in the seats. Put on a show that people want to see and let people know that the proceeds go to help support the team. People will come to support the team, but they also want to see a good show, so find a way to do both at the same time and everybody will be happy, especially the team.

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Jog for a Cause and Go the Extra Mile

Running for a cause is already a common fundraising activity. Organizers look for sponsors and invite runners to participate in the event. Usually, a registration fee is paid and the funds collected are given to a chosen charity or beneficiary. This is an easy way to raise money because people now are more involved in sports and healthy activities. Aside from running, some groups organize jogging for a cause, which attracts people who are not that fond of running. Some prefer jogging instead of running, and a study has shown that light jogging is more beneficial than strenuous jogging and running.

Benefits of Jogging

Jogging is a very popular form of exercise. Even if running is in the limelight today, jogging can still be considered a classic and reliable way for fitness buffs to stay healthy. But what does jogging do to our body? Light jogging can benefit your heart, bones and lungs. However, make sure that your body has adequate recovery time so that it does not overwork and acquire injury. You can get the most out of this fitness activity by having a scheduled exercise. You can jog a few times a week, and make it every other day for about an hour.

A study says that jogging for even an hour a week can increase your life expectancy. If you want to add years to your life, you can jog moderately for one to two and a half hours per week. Do not believe reports that relate jogging with heart attacks, because these are caused by pre-existing conditions. Jogging is also said to improve bone strength, making it ideal for aging persons. However, if you already have osteoporosis, it might not be good for you. If you want to burn some calories, jogging is also good for you. Mothers who want to lose some weight after delivery can find jogging beneficial. They can bring their baby with them for a stroll while they do their exercise. They can look for the best jogging stroller from this site and both of them will enjoy the activity.

Joining Charity Races

Charity races hit two birds with one stone. They encourage people to come together and enjoy running or jogging, which is good especially for groups who enjoy these activities. They can all have a good time and improve their health. More than that, since this is for a good cause, the event benefits an institution, an advocacy and other organizations. Some organizers plan charity marathons to create awareness of something, which makes the event more meaningful.

If there are running events for a cause, there’s also jogging for charity or advocacy. Individuals can freely join these kinds of activities that encourage them to stay fit and healthy and help people on the process. They can even join and hope to win the race. What’s good about this is that people from all walks of life can come together and join. Even moms who want to be fit can race. They can practice by jogging regularly near their place. Having a baby should not limit them, even if they have twins. They can find a double jogging stroller at so they can look after their baby while they jog.

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How to Market Your Fund Raising Ideas To Potential Clients

There are many organizations out there that need funds for their projects, but knowing the best way to do it can be pretty difficult. It is for this reason that you should read these tips mentioned, in order to know the do’s and don’ts of the whole process. What you do, what you say, and how you say it, will determine whether you will get positive feedback or not. Basically, your strategy should be based on the type of organization you run. Importantly, use the best communication channels in order to make the whole process a success.

If you are a school and trying to get funds for a specific project, baking some cooking and selling selling them can do you good. Of course this will not be very helpful for high schools, but will come in handy for elementary schools. You can also organize some events in your school and make parents and children pay for face painting. In this way, you will be raising funds without necessarily being pushy.

The best way to go for high schools is organize some quiz events and participants should be asked to pay some little amount of money. Also, ask parents to participate in order to see the progress of their children in school. Make it a point to organize these events to coincide with ceremonies that parents are to attend. At the beginning of each term, you can always have parents around. This is the best time that they can participate and contribute to the course.

You can also organize for sporting events whether you are a Non Profit Organization, School, or a church. This has proven to be very effective especially if the event comes around during public holiday. However, with this because it takes time planning ensure that you involve events experts, start planning earlier so that many people come to know it. Also, try to make people understand how important their contribution will be at the end of the day. If they they can understand you, then you will be able to make substantial amount of money.

You can also sell some flowers to persons who will attend the event, but ensure that you have a good strategy in place. This will help you spend less money on the project, and get more from the event that you have organized. The bet way is contact a popular florist and make a deal with him to get the flowers at a discounted price. This works well whenever the number of females attending the event are relatively higher that those of men.

If you really want to raise funds fast and contact as many people as possible within a short time, try to harness the power of the internet. You can contact a company I did that can provide Tuscaloosa SEO services that will ensure that you get the best deal. Not only on social platform will your project be known, but you will also be advised some of the best sites that you can use. The internet is powerful, and if you can tap into this power your fundraising event will become a success story.

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A Great Fundraising Tip Every Group Can Benefit From

If you’ve ever volunteered for, worked in, or were the Executive Director of a non-profit, then you understand the simple truth that there is always more work then time to do it.  This is why non-profits often see the most dedicated, forward thinking and dedicated individuals on the planet.  With charities and non-profits, individuals are working for a purpose over a paycheck.

Often times with these institutions, raising money is key to success.  While most non-profits have a working model on how to raise money, few will not accept new ways to bring in more revenue.  And, with the importance of your work, who can resist another opportunity to spread the word regarding what you do?

Lets take a moment to review an interesting fundraising idea that your non-profit/charity can make use of.

Sharpen Your Focus By Sharpening Their Knives

Did you know that the majority of homes in the United States do not sharpen their knives?  Do you know that the majority of people are using dull knives in every day kitchen cooking?  While some people are willing to throw out a knife set simply because the knives are dirty, there is a growing trend in the US to hold onto knives, especially if they are halfway decent.

If you take care of knives, they will take care of you.  They will last for decades and provide the same high quality service you expect if occasionally sharpened.

So why not make this the focus of your next fundraising campaign?  Why not take the service to the people?  By sharpening people’s knives, you can raise money directly for your charity/non-profit.

How Its Done

Lake any fundraising event, getting the word out is key.  The more people you tell, the more the word will spread.  Sharpening knives as a fundraising tool is novel enough that word will quickly spread.  Setting up a station either at your offices or at a legal public space, create a series of stations where people can have their knives sharpened.

Consider renting out electric knife sharpeners from local restaurants or even request their use as a part of an in-kind donation, or buy a cheap one from here.  Have a number of volunteers and run them through a brief guide on how to sharpen knives. Safely.  Once the time comes, have everyone prepared.

To Charge Or Not To Charge…

This is an age old question when it comes to providing a service as a non-profit or charity.  By charging, you guarantee a steady supply of money.  By making it free and kindly requesting a donation, you stand the chance of making significantly more money.  Generally speaking, individuals are willing to donate more money if you make it clear that you are asking for donations but do not push it.  By making it optional, people will feel as if the charity belongs to them, as opposed to a cost associated with a job.  The end result is a higher then average donation amount and a much happier customer.

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Millions of People Around the World Need Potable Drinking Water

Over 700 million people around the world lack access to drinking water. There are those who need to travel far and queue just to get clean water. Some others have no choice but to drink whatever is available. As a result, there is an increase in diseases caused by unsafe drinking water. In fact, hundreds upon thousands die each year because of unsafe drinking water. This might be very sad, but something can be done to help these people. In fact, you can be a part of the solution too!

Donate money

The first thing that you can do is to look for charities that provide access to people who don’t have access to clean drinking water. These charities raise funds since it is not easy to look for water sources. They also have to do researches to improve the lives of the locals. In Africa, it is a big problem. The issue is not just on how to construct facilities to obtain water, but on finding the water source itself. Therefore, extensive researches are being done to provide a better life for these people. Conducting researches, buying equipment, and sending people to do the job may cost a lot. Hence, if you donate money, to these charitable institutions, you will have an assurance that your money will go a long way.

Donate faucets

If you think you can’t trust anyone when it comes to cash donations, then just provide donations in kind. There are a lot of places that can benefit from actual faucets. They might not be that expensive, but in certain communities, it is a treasure. Thus, you can donate faucets and be of help. There are also some other tools or equipment that you can donate to help those people working to provide access to clean drinking water. If you have no idea on what type of faucet to donate, you can check out the best kitchen faucets in this site for more details. You might also want to look for the best pull out kitchen faucet at You can find tons of choices and whatever you choose will surely be of help to others.

Making small moves

Yes, helping over 700 million people around the world to have access to clean drinking water is not an easy task. Many people and charitable institutions have been working hard to solve this problem. However, until now, the problem remains big. This does not mean there is no solution though. You can help out in so many ways. You just need to have the heart to care and share with others. You don’t even have to donate millions just to save lives. Every little move that you do will surely count. If you can find reliable institutions, you will have the assurance that whatever assistance you have given will go to the people who deserve it. Again, you can be a part of the solution by doing simple acts of kindness. You can start now and see the effects of your acts in the future.

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Corporate Sponsorship Can Help in Organizing a Fundraising Event

A fundraising event usually involves additional expenses from those who are organizing the event. This may be in the form of entrance tickets to the event, or other out-of-pocket expenses. There are ways for the organizers to limit their exposure and for them to enjoy the event at the same time.

Fundraising is a common activity for non-profit organizations. Due to organizational costs, the larger the organization, the higher the cost of running the charity. This leads to a dependence on a corporate sponsorship on a continuous basis. This strategy can also be adopted by smaller organizations for their own fundraising and charity event.

For instance, an organization can sponsor a ballet recital or a charity ball. Traditional means or strategies would include the sales of tickets. For some organizations, what happens is that the members end up spending for the tickets, or at least a big portion of the ticket sales comes from the pockets of the members. This hinders active participation and membership due to the finances. The organization ends up with a membership made up of a very small group of people with deep pockets.

Alternatively, the organization can go for year round activities with relatively low yield, including garage sales, cake sales, bake offs, barbecues and the like. There would be more activities, with more work, and less yield for the amount of work. They can also affiliate themselves into selling specific items, like a water ionizer. The water ionizers reviews site has some very comprehensive alkaline water machine reviews. To know more, see here.

Corporate sponsorship does not necessarily mean that the companies would be sponsoring the charity or the organization for the whole of the year. It can also be financial support for the event, or it can be in goods and services. As long as the sponsored events do not occur too often (more than once or twice a year), these corporate sponsors can be depended upon for help and assistance.

Another method would be to join up with established organizations with known corporate affiliations. This could be the local Elks Club, Kiwanis or Rotary club chapters. This can work for smaller organizations with a specific charity in mind. Larger clubs have their own charity events or their own favorite charities. Knowing beforehand which organization supports which charity can help when choosing which club to approach. Again, this is a matter of assistance for specific or one-time fundraising and should not be used very often. At most this can be resorted to once a year per affiliated organization, that is, you can partner with the local Rotary chapter only once a year. In addition, it would be rude to have a joint activity with more than one club per year. When this is resorted to, it can only be done once a year as well.

Asking support from local companies is one way to go about this. This could be via souvenir programs for a variety show or a concert. Or even via a sports training camp with corporate sponsorship. Click here to see a quick study like an epic soccer training program review. It can be a big help in setting up a short sports training camp. However, before doing this, you have to understand the rules and applicable tax laws about charity contributions in your area. If there is ample leeway for sponsorships as deductible advertising expenses, then you can use this to entice local businesses.

There are several ways to go about in fundraising and a lot of these do not need to be expensive to set up. A fundraising event where the organizers end up spending their own money cannot be considered a success, and neither is it sustainable in the long run.

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Raising Funds for Dental Outreach Programs

There’s no denying that poor dental health is a leading problem in the various parts of the world. This problem is even prevalent in rural areas of first world countries such as the US. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of medical missions focused to providing dental care to people who need it but can’t afford it.

If you are a dentist or someone who simply wants to help raise money to fund dental outreach programs, here are the steps you need to take to make it happen:

1. Decide on what you want to do.

The first step is deciding on what type of fundraising event you want to do. Do you want to throw a lavish party? A charity auction? Or perhaps you can get in touch with dentists in your local area and have then donate some of their profits to your cause? There is a cosmetic dentistry clinic that specializes in porcelain veneers in Atlanta that participates in fundraising drives by donating an entire month’s profits to their chosen organization. That’s the kind of thing you may want to consider if you want cut back on the overhead expenses so more money will go towards your cause.

2. Decide on how the proceeds will be used.

Will you be handing them over to a bigger organization or will you use it to fund a dental mission you will be spearheading? If you’re choosing to go with the latter, decide on where you will be holding the mission.

3. Build a team.

When you already have a clear vision of what you are going to do, you next step is to get people on board. Make sure that you have enough people to help you with your event from organizers right down to the clean up committee. That is if you’re planning to just raise funds.

If you are going to spearhead the outreach program yourself, you need to get in touch with dentists who will be willing to donate their time. The internet can help you get this done fast and easy. There are hundreds of websites you use to gather the contact information on dentists within a specific area. There are even some that were made for a specific specialization. For example, this site is a great resource for dentists who offer veneers in Atlanta.

Once you have contact details, start sending out emails explaining what it is you’re planning to do and how they can help.

4. Get in touch with officials in the area of your choice.

If you’ve decided to handle the dental outreach program yourself, it is important that you get in touch with the officials in the area you’ve decided on so you have a better idea of what you will be dealing with when you get there. Also, there might be some paperwork you would need to handover before you will be allowed to work in the area. Lastly, it is important that you are able to assure the safety of your team and local officials can help you do that.

5. Iron out your plan.

Once you already have the everything you need to get things doing, it’s time to iron out your plan so execution will be a breeze. Make sure to consult with someone who already has experience in handling dental outreach programs so you have first hand information on what you can expect once you’re on th field.

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How to raise funds using facial creams

It might be a funny title for this post, but bear with me. This is one of my favorite fundraising methods. If you want to raise money for a good cause, the best way to do it, is go where the money actually is. A great place to look is your local country club or golf club. In most cities, those private members only clubs will have a group of well to do women aged between 50 and 60. This is our target audience for this particular fundraising method. It certainly works with a wider female audience as well, but from our experience, this particular segment will raise the most money.

The first step with this method is to approach the group and see whether they would be open to supporting your charity. If they are supportive, then you can go into further details and propose this exact method to them. Again, when we have done this, we’ve seen very good results and have generally found people incredibly helpful. The key is to pick your target audience like we did above to make it easier to convince people. Otherwise you end up wasting time with people that are not interested in helping anyway.

The second step is to find a corporate sponsor to hold the event. We tend to use either a cosmetics company or a cosmetic surgeon. Last time we actually used a website which publicised anti wrinkle cream reviews online, which worked very well as they were looking for publicity.

The way this method works is to hold a competition between this group of women. The rules of the competition are flexible. We’ve tried a best cake baking competition and a best fancy dress competition for a ball. However what helped us raise the most funds was actually testing out a particular product, which in this case was a cosmetic anti wrinkle cream. All participants would need to pay an entrance fee which would go to charity to test out this product. The products are given away for free by the corporate sponsor. The sponsor also needs to organise a prize attractive enough to warrant a high entry cost to the competition. When we used a cosmetic surgeon, the prize was a free Botox treatment for example. This is where your imagination comes in useful. They key criteria here is that it should be something people really want, and something of quite a lot of value.

When we used the online website, we asked all participants to conduct a LifeCell Anti Aging Cream review. This is a product which eliminates wrinkles, and the criteria to win the competition was that whoever had the best result using this product won. So we took a picture of everyone before the competition started and then compared this to a picture we took at the end. All in all, as odd as it sounds, everyone involved had a great time, especially those who actually lost some wrinkles!

It’s clearly not necessary to follow this method step by step. The main purpose of sharing this fundraising tip with you is to get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully you’ll have gotten some new ideas on how you can raise finds for your own charity.

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3 Fitness Fundraising Ideas for Gyms

I enjoy keeping fit by running, cycling and I also do CrossFit training on the weekends. During my last visit to my CrossFit Box (gym) I was speaking to the owner about how to raise money for a charity.
In the past they have attempted to raise money simply by asking the members of the box to donate, but this hasn’t always been popular or effective.

Over the years I have realized that raising money for charity is more than just asking people for donations — it’s more effective if everyone works as a group and everybody has the same goal.

Below are my top three fundraising ideas for gym/box owners

1. Sponsored Run 

A sponsored run is a good way to start the process, mainly because it’s simple and people like simplicity.
The most effective way is to follow this mini guide:

1. Set a date two months into the future for the run to take place.
2. Design a map with the route clearly marked out — if the event is for kids and adults, then consider the distance.
3. Make donation forms — set a minimum donation amount, $10 for example.
4. Make a poster with all the information people require such as date, start time, venue and also include the map.

One important aspect is to ensure 99 percent of the gym/box takes part. They will also need reminding to get sponsors on a weekly basis.
You can also open the run up to others that are not part of your gym/Box, as this will increase the amount of money raised and you may get new members for your business as a bonus.

2.Weightlifting Competition

At every gym I have ever attended there is always a weightlifting competition going on at some point. This is mainly men trying to out-do each other, however, this is a very good way to massage a few egos and raise a lot of money in the process.

The competition is relatively easy to set up. Just follow my guide:

Just like the sponsored run, you will need to set a date, time and venue (most likely your gym/Box). However on this occasion we are going to mix it up a little so the bigger the room the better as we will be targeting people who attend.

Every competitor will need to pay an entry fee of $25 for example, so 100 competitors would bring in $2,500. If you are going to do this every year it will be worth investing in a nice-looking trophy, and the bigger the better. You can find secondhand trophies on Ebay.

During the competition we are also going to run a raffle for the attending public.
Prizes: ask your suppliers and other businesses for prizes. Give away a one-year gym membership or 100 hours of personal training. You need to use your imagination at this point.

3. Auction Off Old Gym Equipment

Workout equipment (more info) has a limited lifespan, especially if it’s used frequently at the gym. I know a number of gyms that scrap or bin the used equipment and this is a shame, because they normally still have infrequent use left in them.

When it comes to auctions you have three decent options:

  1. On Ebay and Craigslist you can create a listing for a minimal cost. Then the buyer needs to come and collect.This also saves you money on paying a scrap company to take it away.
  2. If you have a large amount of equipment you could host an auction and sell as a “lot.” You will need to pay auction fees, but the process is quicker.
  3. Hold an in-house auction. If you have the space you could auction off the equipment in the gym. You will be surprised by how many people attend.

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